VOD file delivery and management of your assets is not simply about ensuring your finished video content gets to the right place in the right format at the right time. VOD platforms will have stringent requirements which you must adhere to when you provide your content to them.

Helping you meet your VOD clients’ requirements

Broadcasters, VOD platforms and OTT providers require all accompanying assets – such as technical metadata, descriptive metadata like episode synopses, and subtitles – to be correctly associated with the video files you are submitting. Similarly for archiving purposes, this information needs to be correctly linked to the correct content.

We can help design an automated schema transformation that correctly sorts and catalogues your metadata and associated assets to meet the prescribed requirements of platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+ and others.

Our experience in asset management

Our expert team at LMH has many years’ experience of ensuring that this required metadata is accurately associated with your video files. We ensure that you meet the requirements of your clients when delivering your files, and maintain a complete and accurate archive for you.

We are able to collect and prepare the myriad digital assets that come with your busy international productions, sanitising your metadata, artwork, logos and bumpers, and storing your high and low resolution assets.