With so many delivery formats, transcoding – converting files to the required format for use – is a vital part of a media services workflow.

Transcoding for VOD and OTT

Whether you are delivering to traditional broadcast, video on demand (VOD) providers such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix or OTT content providers, we can help you get your transcoding right – regardless of whether your content is in SD, HD, UHD/4K or IMF (international mastering format).

Our vastly experienced team are perfectly placed to correctly design and specify the transcoding, as well as choosing the right product for the specific task.

Our video transcoding solutions

At LMH, we have both the staff expertise and in-house solutions to ensure that your content is prepared in the precise format needed for delivery. We offer a number of industry-leading transcoding solutions, including Dalet Amberfin ICR, Rhozet, Digital Rapids and Content Agent with full WFS manager. This is configured as a farm, meaning video resolution can be easily scaled up and down as required.

We can add subtitling, effects, logo burns and watermarking filters to the destination file at this step of the decode/encode process.

DPP workflows

Our transcoding solutions support a full DPP-compliant AS-110P1A AMWA workflow, including fully automated XML-based audio manipulation using Minnetonka Audio’s Audio Tools Server system. And we offer assisted QC using VidCheck, photosensitive epilepsy (PSE) QC and correction, editing and metadata services.

Downstream content distribution

We offer an IMF package preparation service for downstream content distribution – providing you with storage cost-savings and high efficiencies in your workflow.