Content Management & Delivery

Subtitling Services

Subtitles are an increasingly important consideration when delivering content today. VOD platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+ and Hulu will have extensive subtitling requirements as they will be offering content to viewers internationally, and so will require local subtitles for each market.

Ensuring that you meet the requirements of these platforms is key to your file delivery, and the monetisation of your content. At LMH, we are perfectly placed to help you fulfil these obligations, as part of our overall package of VOD, file delivery and metadata solutions. We can also ensure any asset hosting architecture is designed in such a way that all subtitle versions – as well as other important metadata that your clients will require – are associated with your content and can be quickly and easily retrieved.

Extensive experience in delivering subtitles

Our expert team can point to years of working closely with subtitling and access service companies to ensure that all elements for a delivery are ready at the same time and associated correctly.

From traditional ‘888’ subtitling, closed captioning for VOD files and multi-language deliverables, LMH is able to help you meet your clients’ requirements.

We provide a subtitling workflow that includes translation, creation, QC, conform, geometry positioning and outputting as a sidecar file or burning into all platforms and media including VOD, DVD and Blu-ray.