Content Preparation

Standards Conversion

Standards conversion lies at the heart of your international workflow and file delivery. Creating master files with the correct scan rate and frame rate for a particular region is key to successfully delivering your content to international markets.

HD and UHD standards conversion at all frame rates

Using highly advanced software and hardware solutions, LMH can carry out almost any standards conversion project from UHD-HDR content down to HD and SD formats.

We can convert all scan and resolution types and all frame rates from 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97 and 30 fps to high frame rates of 50, 59.94 and 60 fps.

Alchemist XF: File-based standards conversion for UHD-HDR and all other formats

We carry out format-agnostic, file-based standards conversion using state-of-the-art Alchemist XF conversion software, developed by Snell Advanced Media. The Alchemist XF is specifically designed for file-based workflows and is the world’s leading frame rate conversion software. It is comfortable handling even the most challenging of files – from ultra-high definition 4K content to low frame rate files.

For base band and Video Tape legacy support we use the Alchemist Ph.C-HD, which has long set the standard in frame rate conversion. With the XF being a file-based progression of the Ph.C-HD, both Alchemist solutions guarantee the highest quality standards conversion.

Superb expertise in craft standards conversion

The quality of our standards conversion service is not just about the software we use. It is also about the experience and expertise of our skilled team. We offer a bespoke craft conversion service where we not only identify the appropriate configuration and technology for your file conversion, but also where we highlight any potential problems and remedy them. For instance, content which in a progressive format but which includes interlaced content can suffer from smearing on elements such as subtitle text. We put your content through a 100% quality control process to flag up these potential issues. We can then fix any problems and edit in the relevant frames back in.

Our depth of knowledge and familiarity with these standards conversion technologies and processes mean that we know how to correctly configure your file conversion to ensure that the output file exactly meets your precise requirements – and those of your clients.

Supporting your file preparation for regional and international workflows

LMH can offer standards conversion as an ongoing service for projects such as multi-episode file preparation. Or we can undertake conversion work as part of a broader mastering project or file delivery service, supporting your regional and international workflows.

Incorporating transcoding and fixing problematic content

LMH can incorporate any transcoding services you require in tandem with the scan rate and frame rate conversions you need for your various delivery points. And we can help you remedy problematic files, such as different frame rates having been used in the same multi-camera shoot.