Our onboarding service helps you make the move to new technology infrastructure or new workflows to enable you to service new client platforms. This can be particularly important when working with VOD and OTT providers, who will have stringent requirements, but it could also simply be a way of upgrading streamlining your client-facing processes. In either case, LMH is highly skilled in bringing your workflow ‘on board’ with the platform to which you are delivering.

Our onboarding solution: workflows designed specifically for you

Our onboarding process allows us to design a workflow tailored precisely to your needs. That might be quality control processes, library migration or VOD and OTT delivery. We work with you to gather information about your specific requirements, and to outline a suitable workflow. We consider processes that can be automated, and processes that need to be performed manually, and identify the best methods and platforms to achieve these steps.

We then build, test and document your workflow, before carrying out operational training with you prior to roll-out. Our onboarding service provides you with a workflow design which can be applied to all your relevant business processes going forward, meaning you can be confident that your content is being processed efficiently and accurately.