Our metadata services form an important part of your asset workflow, providing important technical information about your media content. Market-leading VOD platforms such as Netflix, Disney+, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video – as well as traditional broadcasters – will have particular requirements regarding the metadata you provide as part of the file delivery process.

Adding value through LMH’s metadata services

Metadata also allows you to add value to your asset by including editorial metadata. Many platforms require this editorial information as standard when you deliver your content. As part of our metadata services, we are able to include customisable metadata fields, allowing you to enrich your content with descriptive metadata such as episode synopses, cast information or genre classifications.

If we’re helping you carry out a library migration project, we can include our metadata services in the scoping for the project, so that key information is included and stored with your newly digitised content. Whether you are preserving or monetising your archive, all the vital metadata about that content will be associated accurately with your assets.

Helping you choose the right metadata hierarchy

We can work with you to recommend a suitable metadata hierarchy, and can help you ensure your final delivery is DPP-compliant. And we can ensure that all relevant legacy or analogue metadata is preserved and stored alongside your digitised content.

All metadata is hosted alongside the relevant media asset in our secure storage platform, meaning that is easy to access, extract, process and package the metadata alongside any asset. This means your content will always be ready for final delivery in the precise format that each delivery platform requires – today and in the future.