Distribution – ensuring your content reaches the end-user in a secure, encrypted and efficient way – is the crucial final step in our content management and delivery service.

Encrypted file distribution and UDP file acceleration

Many VOD and OTT platforms – as well as traditional broadcasters – will have strict distribution requirements. They will specify how you deliver final assets for use, often requiring encrypted delivery and file acceleration. As well as ensuring that your files meet all QC, format and metadata requirements, we will help you select the most appropriate distribution method for your needs and those of your client. Our storage and distribution systems are fully protected by encryption both at rest and in flight, ensuring your content is protected at all times.

Interfacing with file hosting systems

Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with heavy-duty servers, running Aspera’s fully encrypted, P-P accelerated point-to-point file delivery system, which is ideal for low latency distribution. We also run Signiant Media Shuttle for web-based file delivery. We have the capability to interface directly with your or your client’s web- and MAM-based file hosting systems, so your content gets to where it needs to, when it needs to, in the most efficient way.

Meeting demand for file delivery capacity

We have a large number of dedicated input/output production work stations running delivery client software, allowing us to maximise our delivery capacity to meet even the highest demand. Our bandwidth is scalable up to 10 Gbps, enabling us to efficiently meet demand even with high capacity demands or fast delivery deadlines.