Content Preparation

Content Ingest

Digitising your media library can protect your legacy-format content from degradation, reduce your storage costs, and enable you to monetise archive footage.

Archive digitisation and restoration

LMH has designed a solution that will index, preserve, restore and enable your content for monetisation. It allows your legacy-format content to enter the file-based age, protecting it for future use, and giving you the option to re-purpose it for  monetisation.

We can fully support the digitisation of a wide range of formats, including Sony Digibeta, D1, D2, D3, D5, 1”, 2”, DVCam, U-matic and many others. We undertake restoration work – baking and cleaning – to prepare degraded or damaged tape for digitisation, and use specialist tools to enhance the video and audio quality of your digitised files, preserving it for the future.

Scalable content ingest solutions

From single-channel ingest to large-scale digitisation via multi-deck cart robots, we are able to provide scalable ingest solutions, as part of an archive preservation project or a monetisation project.

For file-based workflows, we support file-based acquisition from your content providers, via direct point-to-point transfer, or any web-based accelerated platforms.

Even the service we provide is fully scalable, whether you need a single-channel, fixed-format solution, or a full end-to-end consultative service incorporating format choice, QC ethos and delivery method.

Pop-up solutions

If your library or archive cannot be transported we have the expertise and resources to build a stand-alone or pop-up solution on your site. LMH will work with you to make sure that the solution has the workflows, management and staffing to meet your requirements.