Content Preparation


Ensuring your content meets the regulatory requirements of the country – or countries – where you are delivering it is a key consideration of programme sales and distribution.

Our compliance knowledge and experience

At LMH, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in international programme distribution and the compliance issues that you will need to address when preparing content for delivery. We are able to call upon the services of highly experienced compliance officers who are well-versed not only in OFCOM regulations for UK delivery but in local compliance regulations for overseas delivery as well.

Helping you resolve compliance issues

Using the EDL that the compliance officer produces to highlight any areas of concern, we can work with you to resolve any issues that might cause you to fail compliance tests. We can provide editing services or can collaborate with your in-house editors to help you fix problems with your content.

Ensuring future compliance for specific end-points

We can also apply the output from the compliance process to your library as your territory master mezzanine. We can then produce all your subsequent deliverables to comply with the technical package specifications of each end-point – such as the DPP package for UK broadcast.