Content Management

Cloud Services

Cloud-based solutions offer you great flexibility for managing your assets. As well as being an efficient conduit for broadcast, VOD and OTT file delivery, cloud-based solutions allow you to easily access your file archive remotely from any location, while ensuring that your content is securely stored. A cloud-based LTO archive will enable you to upload your files via the cloud, storing them on cost-effective tape whilst always remaining accessible to you via a web-based application.

Choosing the right cloud-based solution for you

Our experienced team can work in partnership with you to identify and implement any cloud-based solutions that you or your clients may require, either for file delivery or for archiving. Utilising our asset hosting and metadata expertise, you can be assured that your library will be archived in a manner tailored to your specific needs, with appropriate file encryption and security measures to protect your assets.

Point-to-point file delivery

We run an Aspera accelerated point-to-point file delivery system. Via this, we can interface with your or your client’s web- and cloud-based file hosting systems either for directly importing files from your library to our servers, or for delivering assets to their various end-points.

Our systems offer encryption in flight or at rest, so you can be sure that your content is secure at all times.