Especially for legacy formats, our asset hosting is a cost-effective way both to reduce your existing storage costs, and to preserve and protect your content. Whether it’s for monetisation through VOD and OTT programming, or for creating a fully catalogued, scalable and accessible media library, we are here to help you.

Flexible asset hosting solutions

Our asset hosting solutions are secure, cost-effective and scalable. We offer more than a Petabyte of capacity on state-of-the-art, heavy-duty servers. Tiered storage means that you save costs by paying lower rates on content that you access less frequently.

LMH also has a depth of experience in hosting a blended storage solution. Second copies can be hosted either at an external location or in the private cloud.

Full redundancy asset hosting provides you with the assurance you need that your content is available whenever you need it.

If you are undertaking a library migration project, we can plan the best storage solution for you as part of our service offering. That way we can manage the process in the best way possible, from tape ingest to archiving.

Tailored video archive hierarchy

Our expert content services team will consult with you to identify and establish an appropriate video archive hierarchy that is the best fit for your business.

And we can work in partnership with you to find cloud-based solutions that offer you the flexibility and accessibility that you need for your video library.