The technical considerations of any video library migration project begin with the workflow design stage.

It’s all well and good having sophisticated tape repair, automation, ingest orchestration and monitoring tools. But ultimately what underpins the success of your library migration is careful workflow design that takes into account the various ingest, storage, QC and delivery requirements of your project. That is determined by the types of assets you have and how you intend to use them – that is, whether you are preserving or monetising your content.

It’s easy to forget that migrating your content library to a digital format is a complex and often lengthy undertaking. Taking the time at the start of this process to accurately specify and design the most appropriate workflow for your particular needs is vital. Otherwise all the benefits of streamlining and economies of scale which our automated processes are designed to deliver will be negated, especially if you end up having to redo some or all of the work.

Workflow design built on expert knowledge and experience

This is where the vast wealth of experience and expertise of our team comes to the fore. Even with the latest technology at hand, there’s no substitute for human skill and knowledge!

Our approach to each migration project will vary significantly from client to client. We treat each workflow we design as a bespoke solution for your specific needs and goals. Designing a workflow that delivers the goals of your project is absolutely critical to ensuring the final files are precisely what you need, now and – just as importantly – in the future. After all, there is no point in migrating your entire archive of legacy-format assets only to find that the digital format you have chosen lacks the flexibility or quality to allow you to leverage it for your intended purposes. This could mean missing out on important monetisation opportunities, as both VOD and traditional platforms will have specific delivery requirements that you will have to meet in terms of file format, metadata, etc.

Understanding your project goals

Our expert team will work closely with you to understand your goals, limitations and requirements,  then make our best recommendations based on that. We will guide you through the challenges of achieving the right balance of asset quality, file/storage size and flexibility and usability of your archive. And we will define the most appropriate workflow based on that, along with the format and condition of your tapes. We will also factor in any budgetary considerations at this point, doing our best to ensure that project costs stay within the confines of your expectations.

Whatever the idiosyncrasies of your archive, you can rest assured that our team includes some of the most knowledgeable library migration specialists in the industry. Between them, they boast many years of practical experience of delivering large-scale, complex archive digitisation and preservation projects, and will be able to design the perfect workflow solution for you.